Q. Device disconnection frequently appears in the BioStar 2 event log. It's okay for a few hours, but I see "Device Disconnection Detected" several times occasionally. It doesn't just appear on one device, but often on multiple devices. How can I solve this?

[Figure 1. BioStar 2 Event log - Frequent disconnection is detected]

A. It is a high possibility that the network connection between the device and the BioStar 2 server is not stable. 

However, if you are sure that there's no issues in your network environment, we can investigate the issue by collecting some data. Please follow the procedure for further investigation.

Prerequisites : WireShark, Debug FW, DiagTool, Ping_log.bat, Recording program(optional)
WireShark - https://www.wireshark.org/download.html 
Debug FW - Please provide your FW version and ask for debugging FW to technical support teams. 
DiagTool - http://gofile.me/471Oh/m4LzsKL8I
Ping_log.bat - attached

Download and install WireShark on the BioStar server and upgrade to the debugging FW. 

1. Start recording (Optional)

2. Turn on the WireShark

3. Upgrade to a debug FW

4. Turn on the diag log of disconnecting device
Download the file from the link below. Then please follow the instructions shown in the attached PDF file to gather the device logs.
Please provide the .dat files that are created.

5. Turn on the ping to the device using the attached Ping_log.dat. You can type the device IP. 

6. Wait until the device is disconnected and see the disconnected time. 

7. Check out Ping_log(Log_DeviceIP.log) under the Ping_log.dat. 

If ping is responding normally at the device disconnected time, please send us the following data. 

- Recording (Optional)

- BioStar 2 version or SDK version

- How many devices do you have and how many devices have the issue? (eq. 2/50ea)

- Issued devices' type/FW/SN/IP

- Issue occurrence time

- Screenshot of BioStar 2 server(or SDK server) ipconfig on the command window 
- Screenshot of Device>Network in BioStar 2 (or basic network information of the device) 
- WireShark packet data (.pcapng)
- Diag log (.dat)

- Ping log (Log_DeviceIP.log) 

- Event log for a week - Do not filter (.csv)
- BioStar 2 system log (C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs) or SDK debugging log 
- Server IP/Device IP - Please clarify a network diagram with router IP exactly if necessary