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02:51 BioStar 2 New API

35:49 BioStar 2 Device SDK & G-SDK

There are possible integration options with SDK and APIs. Suprema has different solutions and uses different terminologies, you  might be confused with the terms SDK and API because they are mixed-up. 

In addition to the integration method using BioStar2 local API or BioStar2 Device SDK, Suprema has released G-SDK  as a new integration option for device management, user management, and log management.

In this webinar, we will explain the basic concepts of BioStar 2 Device SDK, G-SDK , and BioStar2 API for those who do not understand the meaning of the words.

Once we understand the meaning of SDK and API concept, we’ll take a closer look at the following.

1) Possible Integrations I: BioStar2 Device SDK & G-SDK One Point Guide

Learning what is SDK and how is it different?

2) Possible Integrations II: BioStar2 New API One Point Guide

Learning what is BioStar2 new API and how to use it?


BioStar 2 API : Nayeon Kwon , Technical Support Engineer at Suprema

BioStar 2 Device SDK and G-SDK : YJ Jung, Technical Support Senior Engineer at Suprema

Top 7 - Q&A List 

Q.1) What is BioStar user level/role supported for API?

All levels of BioStar 2 login level are available to use for BioStar 2 API like BioStar 2 is through Chrome.


Q.2) At getting logs with the API, which date format should we introduce?

If you set the operator as 3, you can retrieve log data between the period. The date format is ISO-8601 format.


Q.3) Could you please share a link from the tech support site for WebSocket?


Q.4) Can we use BioStar 2 Mobile App in a local network (VPN) without cloud using old Local API?

Yes, you can use BioStar 2 mobile app with BioStar 2 local API Server installation (license required).


Q.5) Any additional installation needed to use G-SDK?

You might need to make a further development environment.

We are going to update that part in the manual further.


Q.6) Will the BioStar 2 Device SDK be EOL with this new G-SDK?

Currently, no fixed EOL plan yet for Device SDK.


Q.7) Any additional client or software needs installation to use the G-SDK?

No, it is not necessary, here is the download link.


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