BioStar 2 TA supports a report to check All In/Out punch data in the individual report. (Related article)

From BioStar v2.7.10 to BioStar v2.8, the showing punches option in the 'Report Period' part.

OptionCheck In/Out OnlyAll In/Out Punches
DescriptionShowing only 'First In & Last Out' punchesShowing all punches
DirectionTime Attendance>Report>Filter Condition>Report Type: Individual>Report PeriodTime Attendance>Report>Filter Condition>Report Type: Individual
How to see the report

[Table 1.  Two different Individual Reports - 1) Check In/Out Only, 2) All In/Out Punch Data - BioStar 2.7.10 - 2.8.0]

From BioStar v2.8.1, the options are shown once you click the individual report type in Report Type.

BioStar v2.8.1 or higher version
BioStar v2.7.10 - v2.8.0
How to generateReport > 
Report Type: Individual,
All Punches  or Check In/Out only
Report >
Report Type: Individual > Report Period: All In/Out Punches or Check In/Out only

[Table 2. How to check All In/Out Punch Data or Check In/Out only for each of the version of BioStar 2]

[Table 3. Big Image: How to check All Punches  - BioStar v2.8.1 or higher version]