From BioStar 2.8.6, Suprema starts to support FaceStation F2, which is our first model of supporting Visual Face credential. If you would like to check more information about FaceStation F2, please check on the linked page. (Link)

    There are three ways to register your Visual Face credentials; registering through BioStar 2, registering user credentials directly from the device menu, or registering through a mobile device. In this article, we will look at how to register through BioStar 2, which is the basic of user credential registration, and how to easily register untact, which is newly supported method by Suprema.


  • Supported number of Visual Face poses : maximum 2 per each user

1. Enroll Visual Face credential via BioStar 2

1) BioStar 2.8.6 or higher supports Visual Face Credentials by default.

2) Add the FaceStation F2 device to your BioStar 2.

3) In the BioStar 2 user menu, select a user who wants to register Visual Face credentials.

4) Select Visual Face from the Credential list.


5) Select your FaceStation F2 device and click the +Add button on the left to set it as the Nth credential to be registered.

6) After clicking the Scan button, place your face in front of the FaceStation F2 device.

7) When scanning is complete, your face is checked on the screen.

8) You can use this as a user Profile Image.

9) If you want to register as a photo without scanning the user's face, please press the Upload Image button.

10) Select a user's picture and register it.

  • Supported image file formats are JPG and PNG.
  • Supported image file size : minimum 250 x 250, maximum 1280 x 1280

2. Enroll Visual Face via Visual Face Mobile Enrollment


    This function requires the use of BioStar 2 Cloud service. BioStar 2 license is required to use Cloud service. To purchase a license, contact your place of purchase or your Suprema sales representative. (Contacts)

1) Enable BioStar 2 cloud service.

2) Go to BioStar 2> Settings> Email Contents and write an email that the customer will receive when sending the Visual Face Mobile Enrollment link.

3) This function is performed through the SMTP setting. SMTP settings are the same as in Email Alert of Trigger & Action.

4) When the setting is complete, enter the address to receive the test mail in Test Mail Recipient Address and click Send Mail. If your SMTP settings are correct, you will receive a test mail to the address you entered.

5) If the test mail was sent correctly, click the Apply button to save the settings.

6) Add users to BioStar 2. At this time, you must fill in the email information of this user information.

7) After creating a user, select the user who sent the mail from the user list.

8) Click the button at the top right corner, then click Send Visual Face Mobile Enrollment Link. If the shipment is successful, a pop-up saying 'Success' will appear.

9) Take a picture of the user on a mobile device with a camera, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

10) Click the link received by e-mail on the mobile device with your photo.

11) Follow the guide shown on the screen to register your face photo.

  • Supported image file formats are JPG and PNG.
  • Visual Face Enrollment link sent will expire after 24 hours.

12) If the Visual Face credentials are well registered, it is confirmed that the link is invalid on the final screen.