Dear Valued Partners,

The latest FaceStation F2 firmware has been released on November 17, 2020.

Applied to FaceStation F2 v1.0.1_201110

In this firmware release, Suprema has made some bug fixes and improved features.

Suprema highly recommends customers using FaceStation F2 refer to the information below and upgrade to the latest firmware before using.  

1. New Features and Improvements

1.1. Improved the algorithm for the Visual Face matching.

- Improved to update templates not only the first one but the others when authenticating faces after registering face templates with photos and setting up the Face Matching mode.

- Improved authentication failures due to quality issues in infrared templates when authenticating faces with the Fusion Matching mode on after registering face templates with photos.

- Improved authentication failures when authenticating faces getting backlight in the dark environment after registering face templates with photos.

- Improved both the algorithm for Mask Detection and usability.

1.2. Added the feature to configure the Screen Saver setting.

1.3. Changed the default ROI values of the Suprema Thermal Camera.

2. Bug Fixes

2.1. The performed action, such as temperature output, was different from the intended action responding to the input signal set in the Trigger & Action feature when using the Suprema Thermal Camera.

2.2. Time shown on the device was displayed incorrectly when setting up time with the BioStar 2 Device SDK.

2.3. An abnormal device shutdown occurred when sending face templates of FaceStation 2 or FaceLite to the device by using the BioStar 2 Device SDK.

2.4. The text on the Advanced tab was displayed abnormally when entering the detailed page of the device on BioStar 2 after the device database initialized for Security Tamper.

2.5. It was not able to register a device on the Dynamic site when registering devices directly from Airfob Pass.

2.6. The image log function was not working properly.

2.7. Modified the Check Mode to operate depending on the Check Mode of the Suprema Thermal Camera when the Suprema Thermal Camera was in use and the Wiegand Output mode was set to Bypass.

2.8. The firmware upgrade of XPass D2 (Rev 2) connected as a slave did not work properly.

Next FW rerelease of FaceStation F2 will be at the middle of December-2020.