Affected Products & Versions

Some cases of upgrading BioStar 2 version to v2.8.9 among sites using MS SQL


In the environment where BioStar 2 is upgraded to v2.8.9 and MS SQL is used, a problem occurs when punchlogs are duplicated in the existing customer database.

When trying to access the BioStar 2 TA menu, only a gray background is checked without outputting an error message.


The solution will be included in BioStar 2.8.10.

* Temporary solution for users BioStar 2.8.9 users.

- SQL file: FISS-2411_BioStar2-TA-MSSQL
- How to run:
1) Stop BioStar 2 service.
2) Backup the database.
3) Run the downloaded query.
4) Check whether the issue persists or not after starting BioStar 2.