Affected Versions

- BioStar 2.7.12 or higher version than v2.7.12

Issue Description

Depending on the BioStar 2 server configuration, the two different issues occur for the same reason after you install BioStar 2 at first.

1) BioStar 2 Server Connection - HTTPS 

- Cannot access BioStar 2 while BioStar 2 server is using HTTPS. 

- In other words, HTTPS login page does not open at all.

- The relevant page: This site can't be reached


2) BioStar 2 Server Connection - HTTP

- Cannot log in BioStar 2 even though the password is correct.

- In other words, the password does not work on HTTP.


BioStar 2 Installation File refers to the certain JAVA folder name jre1.8.0_201

Path: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_201

If the server PC already has another version of JAVA unlike the default provided JAVA 1.8.0_201 by BioStar 2 installation file, the encryption key file is not correctly created. 

Temporary Solution

Before installing BioStar 2, please refer to the following steps.

1. Go toControl Panel and uninstall BioStar 2.

2. Go to C:\Program Files\Java\ and confirm if there is already installed JAVA before installing BioStar 2 SW.

3. Copy the jre1.8.0_x  folder and then, re-name it as  jre1.8.0_201 which is referred to BioStar 2 Installation file.  

4. Run BioStar 2 Installation File and follow the procedure of BioSta 2 installation file to complete the installation.

5. Go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\util and confirm if enckey file includes "hash_key" parameter. 

6. Connect BioStar 2 and then, check the login page.

Fixed Version

In 2021 4Q, BioStar 2 will support open JDK and this issue will be solved.


Q1. Could I use the recent JAVA version instead of using JAVA 1.8.0_201?

A1. If you confirm the subscription policy of JAVA 1.8.0_x and agree with the payment policy of JAVA license, you can use it. 

For the payment policy, please Google and refer to the subscription page of JAVA from the Oracle website.

In addition, you should update the JAVA path to View Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables > Edit JAVA_HOME to your current java version path. (Click the link)