As is known, Suprema currently has a new mobile card called Mobile Access, which is compatible with various cell phone models and offers better performance relative to its predecessor. 

However, there are applications where the customer requires using Mobile Access and XPass D2 readers with  third-party  panels, this is possible since in the Airfob portal you can configure different Wiegand shipping formats and we will describe it below: 

1. Connect the reader to a 12v DC voltage source. You can identify the cables in the following scheme: 


2. Download device manage from your Playstore or AppStore and connect it using BLE:  

3. Configure the device according to the card format we want to read, for this example we are using 26 bits standard format and the Wiegand pulse of our panel is 40 / 5000 (the latter should be consulted with the manufacturer of your access control panel) :  

4. Create an account in Airfob portal and create a site. ( Airfob portal:

Relevant image: 

If you already have the site in the Airfob portal go to point 5. 

5. Once the device is set up, we proceed to register it on the site that you created. For this you must first download the application and log in: 

6. Once the application is installed, proceed with the log-in  and add the device to the site of the Airfob portal : 

7. Once registered the reader we can proceed with the configuration of the card on the site: 

8. Add a new user and fill in the information according to how you will require it. For this test we will have an FC: 122 and Card Number: 555

9. Once the mobile credential has been sent we proceed to activate it, for this our email should have arrived a link with the download link as shown in the following images: 

10. Once the mobile credential is activated, proceed with the connection of the reader via Wiegand to our third-party panel. In the following image you can identify the cables corresponding to the Wiegand of the Xpass D2 reader: 

11. Once the reader is connected, proceed with reading the card. Present the cell phone near the device. If you are using BLE it is recommended to open the application and press the credentials for a successful reading. If you use NFC you only need to bring your phone closer to the reader.  

12. If the reading was correct, in your third-party access control software you can view the event as an unknown card. For our test we have an Atrium CDVI panel:  

As you can see in the events we have a number 122-00555. We only add it to the user according to the procedure of our third-party software and we can access it with Mobile Access on a system that in theory does not support them.