Affected Products

BioStar 2


1) In the BioStar 2 User menu, export user information to CSV.

2) Double-click this CSV file on your PC to open it in Excel.

3) Add a new user to the CSV file or edit and save the existing user information.

4) Import the updated CSV file from the BioStar 2 User menu.

5) An error pop-up appears indicating that the date format is not supported, as shown below.


If you double-click the CSV exported file from BioStar 2 and run it in Excel, Excel automatically converts the format into a format not supported by BioStar 2 in various areas such as the date and card ID. After the format is converted, if you try to import CSV from BioStar 2, an error occurs. The import is not completed because it is a CSV file containing an unsupported format.


  • Please do not open the CSV exported file from BioStar 2 in Excel by double-clicking it.

Solution #1. Edit the CSV file you exported from BioStar 2 in the text editor, such as notepad with an administrator privilege.

Solution #2. Open the exported CSV file and convert the format to 'text' according to the guide below directly from Excel.

Step 1> Export CSV from BioStar 2.

Step 2> Run a blank Excel.

Step 3> Select 'File > Open' and select the CSV file exported from BioStar 2.

Step 4> Select in the order below in the text wizard. In particular, please note that in step 3, you have to select the entire column(it will turn black) and then change it to 'text' format.

Step 5> When the CSV file opens, add and modify the required user information, then save it.

Step 6> If you import a file from BioStar 2 through CSV Import, it will be successful.