Please note that there are many types of MIFARE and confirm what your card type is exactly.

Suprema device does not read all kinds of MIFARE Card except the below card list.

Supported MIFARE Card List (Suprema MIFARE support devices)
1) MIFARE Classic
2) MIFARE Plus
3) MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 (DESFire EV2 cards are supported by having backward compatibility of DESFire EV1 cards.)

The Suprema device ignores reading the Card Serial Number of the unclassified card and the device does not react when you present the card on the device because the firmware only handles the above 3 card types.

As an alternative way, you can try to read the card information after disabling the iClass options below if the card worked to the previously Suprema device FW.


Please disable the related iClass Card and confirm if the device can read the card.
1. Go to BioStar 2>Device>Authentication>Card Type>Wiegand Card>iCLASS.

Disable the option [iCLASS].

2. Go to BioStar 2>Device>Authentication>Card Type>Smart Card>iCLASS.

Disable both the option [SR/SE] and the option[SEOS].

* Please note that the above selectable card type is available to use with the below firmware information.

* Please refer to the table below for the compatible FW version.

ProductFW version
BioEntry P21.3.0
BioEntry R21.3.0
BioEntry W21.4.0
BioLite N21.2.0
BioStation 21.8.0
BioStation A21.7.0
BioStation L21.5.0
FaceStation 21.3.0
XPass 21.1.0
XPass D21.2.0