Affected Products&Versions

CoreStation v1.4.1 or v1.4

FaceStation 2 v1.4

FaceLite v1.2

From CoreStation v1.4, the CoreStation supports Face Matching Feature with FaceStation 2 and FaceLite which are connected to RS485(OSDP). 


However, there is a known issue when you use CoreStation with Suprema Face devices as an RS485 slave. The issue is that the face template from the scanned new firmware of FaceStation 2/FaceLite is not compatible with the existing Face Algorithm of CoreStation.  

This is because the CoreStation firmware cannot authenticate the scanned face template from the newly released firmware of FaceStation 2 or FaceLite.

This would be solved to the next version of CoreStation by 2021 Q2. 

In the meantime, please make sure if all devices' firmware is as follows. 

If not, there would be a critical issue that FaceStation 2/FaceLite would not authenticate the user's face.

Face Enrollment Device  
(TCP Connection with BioStar 2 SW)
Access Control
(Face Authentication from CoreStation)
FaceStation 2FaceLiteCoreStation
(RS485 Master)
FaceStation 2
(RS485 Slave)
Face Lite
(RS485 Slave) 
v1.3.1 or lower versionv1.1.0 or lower versionv1.4.1 or lower versionv1.3.1 or lower versionv1.1.0 or lower version

FW Package Download

Face Authentication is NOT available if the Face Enrollment device, FaceStation 2 is v1.4.0 or later.
Face Authentication is NOT available if the Face Enrollment device, FaceLite is v1.2.0 or later.