Dear Valued Partners of Suprema, 

A new official BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.8.0 ( has been released recently with some bug fixes. 

Link: SDK Release notes list

New Features

  • Supports X-Station 2 (Product Information)
  • Supports Intelligent Slave Feature (FW upgrade is required)
  • Supports getting Face Image Warping (FaceStation F2 only)
  • Supports the function of Device Capabilities to know the connected device capability
  • Adds the relevant log events of Mobile Card Verification
  • Adds new model names to check card supporting

1. X-Station 2 Configurations are available to use.

2. The relevant function of Intelligent Slave is available to use. Intelligent Slave is a function that enables many users' 1:1 or 1:N matching by transmitting the authentication result to OSDP card data when authentication using biometrics is performed in an environment in which the Suprema biometric device and a third-party controller are connected. Intelligent Slave Support

3. Getting Image Warping from the raw image file of user face is available to use.

4. Getting Device Capacity Information has been added.

5. New log event 'Mobile Card Verification' has been added to distinguish the user credential.

6. API BS2_GetCardModel has been added to support the below model names.

Modified Features

1. Fixed the error BS_SDK_ERROR_TIMEOUT where the below case.
RS485 Master: CoreStation 40
RS485 Slave: FaceStation 2 / FaceLite
Assigning a face template for FaceStation 2 or FaceLite to a user and enrolling it on CoreStation 40.

2. Fixed the issue that device transfers for more than 700 users were relatively slow compared to V2.7.2.x and earlier.

3. Fixed the return value from BS_SDK_SUCCESS to BS_SDK_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED when requesting Config from FaceLite that does not support Event config.

4. Fixed the issue that the SDK allocation and release were repeated, making device connection impossible if a certain number of times were exceeded.

5. Fixed the issue that calling BS2_ReleaseContext cannot release the resource intermittently and the port 51212/port 51213 occupied.

6. Fixed the issue that a deadlock could occur during event processing due to repeated connecting device/disconnecting device calls.

7. Fixed the issue that the application may crash intermittently during calling BS2_ReleaseContext.

8. Fixed the issue that the device could be reset if the fields of timeout were not assigned a multiple of 10 when updating the display settings.

9. Fixed the issue that CPU Usages goes up to 99% when BS2_SearchDevices is called repeatedly in a 4-core environment.

10. FaceStation F2 Only The meaning and setting values of lightCondition in the BS2FaceConfig have been changed as follows.

Supported Ver.Meaning0123
As-Is1.0.0 ~ 1.0.5Ambient BrightnessIndoorOutdoorAuto-
To-Be1.1.0 or higherLight BrightnessNormalHigh- (Deprecated)Not used