Dear Valued Partners,

BioStar 2.8.16 is now available on our website. (Download)

Please check the below and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2.

New Features & Improvements

1. Added visual face to the dashboard.


Visual Face is for the user face credential of FaceStation F2

Face is for the user face credential of FaceStation 2.

2. Improved the user interface of Visual Face Mobile Enrollment page.


3. Added footer to email sending the visual face mobile enrollment link.

4. Deleted the option to use user ID as card ID from Enroll QR/Barcode page.

5. Improved sharpness by changing the image size of the QR/barcode when issuing BioStar 2 QR.

6. Fixed constraint that Wiegand card ID cannot start with 0. (Relevant Article)

  • Allowed 0 to be entered in the first field.
  • Imposed restriction that all four data fields cannot consist only of zeros.

7. Added Error_Description column to user list file (User_Import_Error) that failed CSV import. (Relevant Article)

8. Added logic to check that AC, TA, VE services do not use the same DB name during custom installation.

* If you used the same name for AC, TA, and VE DB in BioStar 2 earlier, you CANNOT upgrade to version 2.8.16 or later.

9. Changed the version of Chrome included when installing BioStar 2 to 75.

10. Improved USB Device Agent security vulnerabilities.

11. Improved video security vulnerabilities.

12. Updated to inquire the correct result value by checking the schema name, when the same table name exists in the TA and VE databases during database encryption/decryption.

13. Added option to delete unassigned card.

14. Added relay deactivation option for exit button input.

* Firmware matching is required.

15. Separated the log related to door unlock.

* Firmware matching is required.

16. Supports setting the byte order for smart cards. (Relevant Article)

* Firmware matching is required.

  • Supports setting the byte order of data to be output to Wiegand or OSDP.

17. Added setting.config file initialization logic.

18. Improved so as not send to the portal when the user's phone number is out of the allowable range of the Airfob Portal when issuing a mobile access.

19. Added procedure to accept to collection and use of the privacy when using cloud.

20. Added 'All Devices' option to dual authentication setting to door.

21. Improved the occupancy limit zone monitoring page to adjust to the screen resolution of the monitoring device.

22. Allows connecting X-Station 2 as a slave device of CoreStation. (Relevant Article)

23. Added Hide Face Credential Preview Image option. (Relevant Article)

  • Supports hiding the face preview screen of users registered on the server for privacy protection.

24. Added the Use QR as card option. (Relevant Article)

* Firmware matching is required.

  • Supports selecting whether to allow authentication when the QR data scanned by the device is the same as the card data issued to the user.

25. Support to log in to BioStar 2 with Active Directory account. (Relevant Article)

26. Amended to include user name in data when sending user data to devices without LCD screens.

  • Applied devices: CoreStation, BioEntry W2, BioEntry P2, XPass 2

27. Updated German and French resource files.

Bug Fixes 

1. The screen displayed abnormally when entering the details page of the disconnected slave device (Affects version: v2.8.6).

2. Description of the photo value of POST/api/users was incorrectly written as binaryDatas (Affects version: v2.7.12).

3. Last authentication record of a user was not displayed when searching for long-term idle users for more than 6 months (Affects version: v2.5.0).

4. Although FaceStation 2 supports the option to select whether to use the screensaver from firmware version 1.5.0 or later, the option is displayed on the details page of devices with an earlier version (Affects version: v2.8.10).

5. Name of the operation level set in Georgian displayed as a question mark in the audit trail menu (Affects version: v2.7.6).

6. CSN card, smart card, and mobile card activation settings of BioEntry W2 (BEW2-OHP) device were not saved (Affects version: v2.7.6).

7. In an environment using MS SQL Server database, If the Output Module (OM-120), a slave device of CoreStation, was deleted, the device list was not queried (Affects version: v2.8.12).

8. Encryption migration failed in the decryption environment (Affects version: v2.8.0).

9. Visual Face data intermittently not syncing to other devices (Affects version: v2.8.6).

10. When a user is deleted from Manage Users in Device, other information in the synchronization table was also deleted and synchronization failed (Affects version: v2.4.0).

11. Users using custom user field were not updated during ‘All Devices (including user update from device)’ automatic user synchronization (Affects version: v2.8.0).

12. Target of the audit trail was output in the format of 'eventType.number' when alert setting changed (Affects version: v2.8.9).

13. Airfob Portal connection failed with unknown error message (Affects version: v2.7.12).

14. Access level could be assigned on a device with full access enabled (Affects version: v2.4.0).

15. If the relay was not set, user could not create a door, but the previously added door was saved without setting the relay (Affects version: v2.5.0).

16. The log recorded in the real-time log could not be queried in the event log (Affects version: v2.8.4).

17. Temperature measurement error pop-up messages showed only the user ID but not the name (Affects version: v2.8.11).

18. Daylight Saving Time (DST) setting not reflected in image log time (Affects version: v2.0.0).

19. VIDEO menu not accessible when using subdomain (Affects version: v2.6.0).

20. When synchronizing added users on the device, the user group was not counted (Affects version: v2.0).

21. Anti-passback violation alarm occured even for normal authentication when a device configured as an anti-passback zone under the following conditions was duplicated as a muster zone.

  • Configure the entry device of the anti-passback zone as the exit device of the muster zone, and set the exit device of the anti-passback zone as the entry device of the muster zone.

22. When setting the home screen logo and slideshow of the device, image was not resized to match the resolution of the device screen, causing the screen to look distorted (Affects version: v2.6.0).

23. When using Personal Information DB Encryption, if user information was edited in Active Directory and then synchronized, the changes were not synchronized (Affects version: v2.8.0).

24. When setting alarms in muster zones and interlock zones, if the number of devices was large, the entire device list was displayed on the add alarm screen (Affects version: v2.6.0).

  • List changed to scroll format.

25. When the language is set to Japanese, if the event log was exported as a CSV file, the text in the file was output in English (Affects version: v2.8.9).

26. If the administrator clicked 'OK' when the device was disconnected while entering the device detail page, an irrelevant error message was displayed (Affects version: v2.7.10).

  • Amended to display message stating that the device is not connected.

27. Error message not displayed when adding doors that exceeds the number supported by the license (Affects version: v2.8.3).

28. When updating user information using the API, an 'E-mail already exists' message was returned if the same email was maintained (Affects version: v2.0.1).

29. 'Visual Face Extraction Failed' event not searchable through the event log filter (Affects version: v2.8.10).

30. Symbols could be entered through API even though it does not support the use of symbols when entering department and title in user information (Affects version: v2.8.9).

31. Synchronization proceeded even when OK clicked without changing settings on the user’s detail page after importing CSV when custom user fields existed (Affects version: v2.8.12).

32. Certain symbols (-) could not be entered in the name of a user who issued the QR/Barcode (Affects version: v2.8.11).

33. Unnecessary date was displayed on Visual Face Mobile Enrollment page (Affects version: v2.8.11).

34. Last sync time and last update time not displayed even when syncing from Active Directory (Affects version: v2.7.11).

35. Error message displayed when the 'Connect' button on the mobile access setting screen was clicked while the mobile access is set (Affects version: v2.8.14).

36. Fingerprint scan request runs twice when enrolling a fingerprint with the USB enrollment device (BioMini) in an environment using the latest version of Chrome (Chrome 98) (Affects version: v2.0.0).

37. T&A related settings were displayed on the details page of devices that do not support T&A (Affects version: v2.8.14).

38. Failure to function properly when exporting some T&A reports more than two pages PDF (Affects version: v2.8.14).