Dear Valued Partners,

This is an announcement of our new firmware releases from July 1 - Aug 15, 2022.

You can click the link to download each device's firmware and revision note.

1. Released Models

  • FaceStation 2, FaceStation F2, BioLite N2

2. Details

Device ModelFaceStation 2Firmware Versionv1.5.2 (Download)
Revision NoteFaceStation_2_RevisionNotes_V1.5.2_EN.pdf
<New Features and Improvements>

1. Improved to check for the duplication of cards registered with users when transmitting user data from the server to devices.
2. Fixed a critical bug with False Acceptance (FA) occurred continuously (Affects version: v1.5.0).

Device ModelFaceStation F2Firmware Versionv2.0.3 (Download)
for Upgrading V2.0.X

[EN] Precautions when upgrading FaceStation F2 FW v2.x.x_220519.pdf
Revision Note
* Please notice that if you would like to upgrade FaceStation F2 from v1.x.x to v2.x.x, you MUST use v2.0.3, not v2.0.2.
* Please note that v2.0.2 is NO LONGER USED. We highly recommend deleting the downloaded file if you downloaded v2.0.2 before. 

Device ModelBioLite N2Firmware Versionv1.5.0 (Download)
Revision NoteBioLite_N2_RevisionNotes_V1.5.0_EN.pdf

<New Features and Improvements>

1. Added new models that do not support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).
  • BLN2-OA, BLN2-OD
  • Firmware file can be used for all of device types.
2. Supports setting the byte order for smart cards.
  • Supports setting the byte order of data to be output to Wiegand or OSDP.

3. Supports a new BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chip.

  • The BLE chip parts of the hardware have been changed, and the firmware has been upgraded to be compatible with both the existing and new BLE chips.

4. Supports the dual SE processor.

5. Separated the log related to door unlock.

  • Door Unlocked (Exit Button)
  • Door Unlocked (By Operator)

6. Added relay deactivation option for exit button input.

  • Added the option to set the door open request log to occur but the relay not to operate when the exit button is pressed.

7. Supports Live Finger Detection without hardware change.