Affected Products & Versions: BioStar 2.8.15 or older version than 2.8.15

BioMini, BioMini Plus 2


Due to the Chrome Browser Policy being Updated, you might not be able to save the scanned fingerprint via BioMini.

BioStar 2 USB Agent file has been updated to BioStar v2.8.16.

Please refer to the description below if you have an old version rather than v2.8.16.

Relevant Issue Description

1. BioMini is requesting 4 times for 1 finger enrollment.  It should be 2 times per 1 fingerprint.

2. BioMini is stopped from receiving the scanned fingerprint after a user scans the 2nd fingerprint.

1st scanning is okay, and it's updated on the screen.
Fingerprint data does not update after a user scans the 2nd scanning.


1. Stop USB Agent Service

2. Download the patch file from the following link and unzip it

This patch file is compatible with v2.7.10 or higer version of BioStar 2.
If you have an old version of BioStar 2 rather than v2.7.10, please have a plan of BioStar 2 upgrade.
3. Copy the usb-agent to C:\Program Files (x86)\USB Device Agent\usb-agent

4. Start USB Agent Service

5. Go to BioStar 2 and confirm if the issue persists

Fixed Version

BioStar 2.8.16 or higher version