Affected Product: FaceStation F2

Versions: V2.0.3 and V2.1.0

Fixed: V2.1.1

Article Updated: Oct 12, 2023


CANNOT authenticate the user's face suddenly, even though the preview camera can display the user's face.
  • This issue will occur after about 50 days once the device is turned on.


The issue is fixed in the latest firmware (V2.1.1 or above).

Please follow the guide below and upgrade your device firmware to fix/prevent the issue.

1) Reboot the device once the issue occurs.

2) Upgrade to the latest FaceStation F2 firmware. You can download it from the Suprema official website (Link).

  • The guide is for customers using the "REGULAR" versions. Please contact Suprema Tech Support by creating a ticket if you are using other versions.