Below is a scenario where you cannot access BioStar 2 via Cloud Sever.  

  • Server Error : An unknon error occureed please check the log file for detail information (1000)
    • When user has reset the cloud setting on BioStar setting but the domain has NOT been deleted on cloud server
    • BioStar 2 setting conf has not been reset properly that user can not register with the same domain name again 
    • When user tries to reset and re-register subdomain name again using the wrong administrator email as in the subdomain name does not match with the originally registered administrator email
  • User did not activate the cloud feature by using activation e-mail send to administrator e-mail.
  • Users can not deactivate/ delete the cloud service for BioStar 2, deactivation and deletion of cloud service must go through a request to Tech support as explained below

First, Log in and start a new ticket at 

  • Login or Sign-up (if you are a first-time user please Sign up) 
  • Submit “New Ticket”  
    *MUST Fill in Country, Company Name, Company Type, Purchase From information on the right-hand side
    Kindly elaborate on your inquiry: Version of BioStar 2, and device model name and S/N of the device.
    The device S/N is written on the BioStar 2 server UI, a gray label on the back of the device, or the box, you received when you purchased the device. 
  • Request for Domain Deletion  
    Include 1) subdomain name with http:// or https:// 2) Administrator e-mail
    *If wrong administrator email gets deleted, it can cause new issues, so double check above information.  

Follow the image below  

BioStar 2 > Settings > Cloud 


Second, wait for domain deletion confirmation.  


Lastly, after the confirmation of domain deletion. Follow the Guidelines Below  

Step 1. Go to BioStar Setting and STOP all the services  

Step 2. Save current setting.conf file for backup  

Step 3. open setting conf file, and edit the cloud part  

>>As Is  




*Even an extra , can cause an issue, so Please double check and make sure it is exactly the same in the image above.  

after editting, save setting.confg file.  

Step 4. Go to BioStar setting and re-start all the services.  

Step 5. Open BioStar 2  

Step 6. BioStar 2 -> Settings -> Cloud  

Step 7. Cloud Configuration  

Step 8. Go to your email inbox and open activation email  

Step 9. Log in and Finish Registration.