Dear Valued Partners,

This is an announcement of our new firmware releases from Nov 16 - Dec 15, 2022.

You can click the link to download each device's firmware and revision notes.

1. Released Models

  • FaceStation 2, FaceLite, FaceStation F2

2. Details

Please notice that FaceStation F2 v2.0.3 and v2.1.0 firmware has been canceled due to the issue below. If you are using FaceStation F2 v2.0.3 or v2.1.0 firmware, kindly review the article first.

[Known Issue] FaceStation F2 v2.0.3/2.1.0 Cannot Authenticate User Face Suddenly Even Though the Preview Camera Can Display the User Face

  • The devices with the new SE processor (changed to the dual SE processor) affect the operation of the iClass card.
  • For devices with the new SE processor, you CANNOT downgrade to a lower version and downgrade the firmware customized in the lower version.
  • Devices with existing SE processor can be downgraded to a lower version.
  • For more information, check the serial number of the device and contact the Suprema (

Device ModelFaceStation 2Firmware Versionv1.5.3 (Download)
Revision NoteFaceStation 2 Revision Note v1.5.3

<New Features and Improvements>

1. Supports the dual SE processor.

Device ModelFaceLiteFirmware Versionv1.3.3 (Download)
Revision NoteFaceLite Revision Note v1.3.3

This version does not have any new features or improvements.

Kindly review the revision note to check for bug fixes.

Device ModelFaceStation F2Firmware Versionv2.1.1 (Download)
Revision NoteFaceStation F2 Revision Note v2.1.1

<New Features and Improvements>

1. Improved to select and update only the desired information when updating user information. (Compatible with BioStar v2.9.0 or higher)

2. Improved face recognition speed.

3. Improved Face Detection Setting.

  • Detection Distance, Wide Search option support.

4. Enhancement in the upgrade package encryption.