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Release Date: 2023-02-23

A new official BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.9.1 (V2.9.1.0) has been released recently with some bug fixes.

BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.9.1 Release Note

BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.9.1 Download

New Features

1. Added device license activation feature.

  • Refer to structure BS2License
  • Refer to structure BS2LicenseConfig
  • Refer to structure BS2LicenseBlob
  • Refer to structure BS2LicenseResult
  • API BS2_GetLicenseConfig has been added
  • API BS2_EnableDeviceLicense has been added
  • API BS2_DisableDeviceLicense has been added
  • API BS2_QueryDeviceLicense has been added
X-Station 2 v1.2.0 or higher version has the Camera QR capability which can enable with the device license.
For the device license information, please contact Suprema Sales team.

2. Added features for QR code authentication by using the camera.

  • Refer to structure BS2BarcodeConfig
For more details, please refer to [BioStar 2] Camera QR - Support BioStar 2 QR and 3rd Party QR via Device Camera

3. Added retrying a specific count when an error occurs in the communication section.

If an error occurs while reading and using packets from the socket in the communication section, the SDK automatically retries a certain number of times.

In previous SDK versions, the number of retries was a fixed value inside the SDK, so the user could not change it.

Starting from version 2.9.1, we support a way to check and change this count.

Increasing the number of retries is a great way to overcome transient errors, but it should be used carefully. The reason is that when a direct cause such as network disconnection occurs, resource waste may occur by meaninglessly retrying read/write even when reconnection is necessary.

  • API BS2_GetSocketRetryCount has been added
  • API BS2_SetSocketRetryCount has been added
  • API BS2_GetSocketSSLRetryCount has been added
  • API BS2_SetSocketSSLRetryCount has been added

4. Added feature to connect and manage 3rd party OSDP reader.

This feature is only available to use with CoreStation v1.6.1 or above. 

For more explanation about 3rd party OSDP reader with CoreStation, please refer to [BioStar 2] Support 3rd Party OSDP Reader Connection - CoreStation.

  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDevice
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDeviceAvailable
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardNotify
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardConfig
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardActionConfig
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDeviceAdd
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDeviceUpdate
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDeviceCapability
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDeviceResult
  • Refer to structure BS2OsdpStandardDeviceSecurityKey
  • API BS2_GetOsdpStandardConfig has been added
  • API BS2_GetOsdpStandardActionConfig has been added
  • API BS2_SetOsdpStandardActionConfig has been added
  • API BS2_AddOsdpStandardDevice has been added
  • API BS2_GetOsdpStandardDevice has been added
  • API BS2_GetAvailableOsdpStandardDevice has been added
  • API BS2_UpdateOsdpStandardDevice has been added
  • API BS2_RemoveOsdpStandardDevice has been added
  • API BS2_GetOsdpStandardDeviceCapability has been added
  • API BS2_SetOsdpStandardDeviceSecurityKey has been added
  • API BS2_SetOsdpStandardDeviceStatusListener has been added
  • Add callback function OnOsdpStandardDeviceStatusChanged

Modified Features

1. Fixed memory leak caused by network switch's keepalive check being misunderstood by the SDK.

2. Fixed an issue caused when performing a log dump internally from the SDK that can lead to an abnormal shutdown. This issue only occurs with SDK v2.8.3.2.

3. Fixed to stabilize the code internally in the SDK.

Thank you so much,