Affected Version: BioStar 2.9.1 and above 
Affected Products & Versions: 

BioStaion 3 version 1.1.0 to be released in April 2023 

- XStation 2 version 1.2.0 and above

BioStar 2 version 2.9.1 has a separate menu section for activating the licenses. In previous BioStar 2 versions, the user had to go from BioStar Setting Menu → Server → License section to activate the particular license. 

However, now the client can go from BioStar Setting Menu to → License Menu. 

Starting from BioStar 2 Version 2.9.1, the UI for the License menu has changed, as shown below. 

The process for activating BioStar 2 software license has stayed the same. 

1. Check if the server is connected to the Internet, and be able to activate through online 

2. Enter the customer site name and activation key, and click Activate. You can receive an activation key from Suprema or your local distributor. You need to enter the Company name from End-user in the name field.

3. If the server is not connected to the Internet, click Request offline Key and download the offline key request file

4. Send the offline key request file to Suprema Sales Representative and receive the offline license key in return 

5. Click [Activate] to activate the license. 

There is a new category of license in BioStar 2 titled [Device License] 

If a client would like to use the new camera QR feature in XStation 2 firmware version 1.2.0 and above or soon to be released in April 2023, BioStation 3 firmware version 1.1.0, then the client must purchase a device license (Suprema Sales) to use camera QR feature in these two devices. 

For further information on device licenses please read the following article

 [BioStar 2] Activating Licenses for the use of Specific Features on Devices via BioStar 2