Affected Version: v2.9.3 or higher version

Required License of cardPresso: cardPresso XXL edition by cardPresso

For a more detailed overview, please click the [BioStar 2] Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu - Overview.

This feature lets users print BioStar 2 user information through a card printer connected to the cardPresso Software.

[Left: cardPresso page, Right: BioStar 2 User]

There are two big steps to configure carePresso and BioStar 2 Setting correctly.

This article describes the step 1 first.

Step 1. Install cardPresso and configure it to the PC of BioStar 2 Client.

Please be aware that you must install the same BioStar 2 Client PC.

1-1. Download the latest version of cardPresso to the PC where you want to print cards using cardPreso. The download

URL is as below.

Example - Downloaded File name: cardPresso1.7.50.exe

1-2. Run the downloaded cardPresso Installation.

1-3. Run cardPresso.

1-4. Activate the license issued by cardPresso.

License type: cardPresso XXL edition

For the license question of cardPresso or the general information of cardPresso software, please get in touch with cardPresso. 

1-5. Click [New] to generate the card template, or click [Open Template].

1-6  Click the proper icons from the left menu bar.


1-7 Refer to the following table and update the proper Item ID information of the card template.


1-8. Please make sure whether you click [Save] the template or not.  This is very important to use cardPresso.

1-9. Please check the card template file location.

Default: C:\Users\PC HOST NAME\Documents\My Cards.

1-10. Go to File>Print to set up the card printer information.

1-11. Choose the Printer information properly.

This is an optional step so that the user can ensure the printer information.  

The Printer Name should be updated to BioStar 2 Setting additionally.

For the connectable Printer information, please contact cardPresso.

1-12. Right-click on the cardPresso icon created on the desktop and run Create Shortcut.

1-13. Right-click on the copied shortcut icon and select Properties. On the Shortcut tab, add a space at the end of the

Target, add ’/PRINTSERVER’ and click OK. This shortcut will act as a Web Print Server shortcut.

1-14. Rename the cardPresso (2) to cardPresso Web Print Server to distinguish the existing cardPresso shortcut. 

1-13. Double-click the modified cardPresso Web Print Server shortcut icon to run it, then set each item.


1-15. Confirm if you can see [listen OK] on the status:

Do not close the window until card printing of BioStar 2 User Card is complete.

For step 2, please click [BioStar 2] How to Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu (2).