Affected Version: v2.9.3 or higher version

Required License of cardPresso: cardPresso XXL edition by cardPresso

For a more detailed overview, please click the [BioStar 2] Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu - Overview.

This feature lets users print BioStar 2 user information through a card printer connected to the cardPresso Software.

There are two big steps to configure carePresso and BioStar 2 Setting correctly.

This article describes step 2.

If you do not configure the cardPresso properly, please click the [BioStar 2] How to Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu (1) and confirm it.

Step 2. Login BioStar 2 and configure Card Printer.

Please be aware that you must have the cardPresso software and you run the cardPresso Print Server.

2-1. Login to BioStar 2 and go to Settings>CARD PRINTER.

2-2. Update the cardPresso information.

IP Address:

Port: Default Port is 632

ID and Password:  You can refer to the default user name and password of the CARDPRESSO manual on page 183. (View Manual)

Card Template:  

Card Template:

- Click [Add] button and fill in the entire location of the card template, including the card template file name.

Example: C:\Users\PC HOST NAME\Documents\My Cards\New Sample.card

You can add up to 20 card templates.

Printer Name

- Enter the proper Printer Name. 

- If you do not have the printer yet, you can test with the name of [Microsoft Print to PDF].

- Please check the available name to [Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers].

2-3. Choose the Card Template and click [Test Print] and confirm if there is a printed result.

2-4. Go to USER and select a user.

2-5.  Click the button [Print Card].

2-6. Confirm the result.


1. I have the below error when I click [Test Print] and there is the error [Print Job Failed].

> Please make sure if the Web Print Server is running and opening. 

Reference Page: [BioStar 2] How to Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu (1).

Or, refer to the below screenshots to make sure the printer server is running.

2. What is the description of The user N was not found when clicked the Test Print?

>> This is because of the invalid ID or admin password of the cardPresso. Please make sure the information.