Affected Version: v2.9.3 or higher version

Required License of cardPresso: cardPresso XXL edition by cardPresso

From BioStar2 v2.9.3, users can help to print User Card.

It does not mean printing the user's actual card number, it means that the user information can be printed onto the card surface as follows.

BioStar 2 is connectable with cardPresso, software used to design, print and encode ID cards.

This feature lets users print BioStar 2 user information through a card printer connected to the cardPresso Software. 


BioStar 2 v2.9.3 or higher version can support printing the user information of BioStar 2 with the cardPresso XXL edition license of cardPresso software. 

Available BioStar 2 User Information for printing card
User Profile Photo, User Name, Department, User ID, User Group, Email, Title, Telephone
Custom Filed

User Custom Field can be added up to 10 custom Field.

You can configure Custom User Field to Settings> SERVER> User/Device Management.

How does it work?

BioStar 2 supports the configuration of the print server of cardPresso software.

System Configuration

a A PC must have the cardPresso software with the valid license, and the cardPreseso Web Printer Server must be running to print the user.  Users can use USB type of Card Printer or IP based Card Printer if the IP-based Card Printer is located into the same network. 

Or you can also install the cardPresso software to the same PC of BioStar 2 server. 

This can work if you install the cardPresso into the same PC, which will make the user card and use BioStar 2.

License Policy

You need the following licenses to use cardPresso software and print the user card correctly.

Step 1Step 2
Purchase the license, cardPresso XXL editionDownload BioStar 2.9.3 or higher version
Download the

Not required to active BioStar 2 AC license or any other license of BioStar 2
For the above license inquiry and file downloading, please contact the CARDPRESSO team.

How To Install

For more details, please click [BioStar 2] How to Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu (1) and then go to [BioStar 2] How to Print User Card Into BioStar 2 User Menu (2)