The custom smart card layout is supported on the following products once you match the correct version. If you would like to check what the custom smart card layout function is, please check the relevant article below.

BioStar 2v2.9.4 or aboveSuprema Device ManagerAndroidv1.1.8 or above
iOSv1.1.8 or above
XPass D2
v1.7.1 or above
BioEntry P2v1.5.1 or above
BioEntry W2v1.8.0 or above
BioStation 2av1.1.0 or above
XPass 2v1.4.1 or aboveX-Station 2v1.3.0 or above

* Please note that you need to use the device with supported firmware for RS-485 Master to use the custom smart card function on the RS-485 Slave device through the BioStar 2.