Dear Valued Partners,


BioStar 2.9.4 is now available on our website. [Download]

Please review over and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2. 


New Features and Improvements

1. Supports a new device.

‒ BioStation 2a

2. Added Template on Mobile feature.

‒ BioStation 3 FW 1.2.0 or higher

3. Supports U&Z Wireless Door Lock connection to CoreStation.

4. Supports Custom Smart Card Layout.

‒ Xpass D2 FW 1.7.1 or higher

5. Improved Smart Card Layout settings.

6. Improved Administrator menu UI on the DEVICE detail page.

7. Improved UX of Use for BioStar 2 Login menu in ACTIVE DIRECTORY.

8. Updated OpenSSL.

9. Updated OpenJDK.

10. Improved SQL Injection vulnerability.

11. Improved security vulnerabilities in Active Directory account settings.

12. Separated ID storage for Active Directory login and BioStar 2 login.

13. Improved security vulnerabilities in video packages.

14. Improved Audit Trail to be logged when a user attempts to log in with an incorrect password and exceeds the set 

Maximum Invalid Attempts.

15. Blocked modifiyng Login ID to ‘1’, the default ID of the initial administrator.

‒ After upgrading to BioStar 2 v2.9.4, cannot log in using the administrator account with Login ID set to ‘1’.

16. Improved User Group sync performance.

17. Improved performance when Automatic User Synchronization is set to Specific 

Devices(Only devices belonging to the access group) option.

‒ Improved Access Group edit performance.

‒ Improved device Batch Edit performance.

‒ Improved Access Level and Floor Level creation performance.

‒ Improved DOOR edit and deletion performance.

18. Improved sync performance when device gets reconnected to server.

19. Improved user search performance in VISITOR.

20. Blocked issuing Secure Credential when Card ID starts with 0.

21. Improved device initialization guidance message not to be displayed if the Smart Card Layout set on the device does 

not exist in BioStar 2.

22. Improved to stop requesting logs to a device if it sends abnormal event logs to the server more than 5 times.

23. Added to check for duplicate user IDs or login IDs while decrypting data by setting Encrypt Personal Data on 

Database to Not Use.

EN 301.00.BS2 V2.9.4 3 BioStar 2 Revision Notes

24. Deleted unsupported ports from the Port menu.

‒ Report Cloud Port

25. Improved to display of supported special characters in a pop-up message when a user name contains unsupported 


26. Improved the error message displayed when connecting a dormant account in the Airfob Portal or an account using 

private authentication mode to Mobile Access in BioStar 2.

27. Improved error message appears when attempting to delete a disconnected device from the MOBILE ACCESS.

28. Changed device names

‒ Xpass 2 → XPass 2

‒ Xpass D2 → XPass D2

29. Improved Japanese in Send Visual Face Mobile Enrollment Link mail.

Bug Fixes

1. Server freezes when printing PDF from specific lists in the MONITORING menu. (Affects version: v2.9.3)

2. Email is not received after issuing and saving a BioStar 2 QR in the USER menu. (Affects version: v2.8.11)

3. When connecting a specific device, the set T&A Key is not logged intermittently in Event Log. 

(Affects version: v2.8.14)

4. When searching for an Access Group in the ACCESS CONTROL menu, the page move button from the detail 

page of Access Group does not navigate within the searched list but navigates from the all Access Group list. 

(Affects version: v2.3.0)

5. Not receiving updated door relay status from Graphic Map. (Affects version: v2.8.16)

6. When creating a user using the API, assigning a card that is being used by another user causes a duplicate card 

error and the user creation fails. (Affects version: v2.8.14)

7. Repeatedly changing the Mode when adding a Fire Alarm Zone does not display the changes correctly. 

(Affects version: v2.6.3)

8. When logging in with a Custom Level account, filtering in Real-time Log does not work as set. 

(Affects version: v2.6.3)

9. Displaying ‘Login Required’ pop-up when logging out of BioStar 2. (Affects version: v2.8.10)

10. Enabling Maximum Password Age in the SECURITY menu, will not be able to log in with an Active Directory

account. (Affects version: v2.8.16)

11. Intermittent failure when creating more than 1000 users using CSV Import. (Affects version: v2.9.3)

12. Incorrect user ID can be created using CSV Import. (Affects version: v2.8.16)

13. When changing user information by overwriting it with CSV Import for a user with Access on Card issued, the AoC 

information is deleted but does not get added to a blacklist. (Affects version: v2.3.0)

14. From devices connected as master-slave-Wiegand, the Wiegand reader’s operation log is not displayed when a user 

with an access level for a specific device group views the event log. (Affects version: v2.6.3)

15. Adding a resource file for some languages and changing the language setting to that language does not display in 

that language. (Affects version: v2.8.14)

16. Intermittent logout issue when adding BioEntry W2. (Affects version: v2.9.0)

17. Devices does not get deleted when deleting more than 1000 devices in an environment using MSSQL. 

(Affects version: v2.9.3)

18. User search does not work in an environment using MSSQL. (Affects version: v2.8.0)

EN 301.00.BS2 V2.9.4 4 BioStar 2 Revision Notes

19. Logout issue when calling the event search API without filling in required parameters. (Affects version: v2.0.0)

20. Authentication fails with CSN Mobile card when using Server Matching. (Affects version: v2.9.0)

21. Adding the AoC (Access on Card) to the blacklist when card writing fails. (Affects version: v2.4.1)

22. The server does not shut down normally when executing encryption and decryption. (Affects version: v2.8.0)

23. When Use for BioStar 2 Login is enabled in ACTIVE DIRECTORY menu, and the user’s Operator Level is set to None, 

the login ID information gets deleted. (Affects version: v2.8.16)

24. If Use for BioStar 2 login is enabled in ACTIVE DIRECTORY menu, login will fail with user IDs starting with numbers. 

(Affects version: v2.8.16)

25. After exporting users to USB from FaceStation F2 v2.x.x, visual faces are not uploaded when running Data File 

Import from BioStar 2. (Affects version: v2.8.10)

* FaceStation F2 firmware v1.x.x no longer supports Data File Export in BioStar 2. Please upgrade your device 

firmware to use Data File Export.

26. When deleting a user with an enrolled mobile card after setting Mobile Access Setting to Not Use, an unnecessary 

error pop-up is displayed. (Affects version: v2.9.0)

27. When calling an API using /api/users/data_export?id=*, the server terminates if the user entered in the id parameter 

does not exist on the server. (Affects version: v2.8.10)

28. When issuing CSN cards using API, it is possible to issue with an invalid CARD_ID. (Affects version: v2.0.0)

‒ CARD_ID contains non-numeric values

‒ CARD_ID exceeds 32 characters

‒ CARD_ID starts with 0

29. A smart card issued using DE-620 with a default key gets incorrect key written to the card. (Affects version: v2.8.14)

30. After upgrading BioStar 2 in an environment that uses VIDEO, the Video Log is not displayed in the Event Log. 

(Affects version: v2.8.4)

31. BioStar Setting application closes when clicking the Test Connection button in BioStar Setting application. 

(Affects version: v2.9.3)

32. When creating a User Detail report in the REPORT menu, an error occurs if there is a user with User Group selected. 

(Affects version: v2.9.3)

33. When BioStar 2 is installed on the D drive, the report service does not start. (Affects version: v2.9.3)

34. Authentication events for Muster Zone not updating in the Event Log when authenticating with a mobile card. 

(Affects version: v2.8.6)

35. When entering the device details page by selecting a device, the server terminates intermittently. 

(Affects version: v2.0.0)