Dear Valued Partners,

This is an announcement of our new firmware releases from Jan 16, 2024 - Feb 15, 2024.

You can click the link to download each device's firmware and revision notes.

The firmware will be updated on Suprema's official website in a week.

1. Released Models

  • BioStation A2, CoreStation

2. Details

Product ModelBioStation A2Release Versionv1.9.2 (Download)
Revision NoteBioStation A2 Revision Notes v1.9.2

<New Features and Improvements>

  1. Modified to limit downgrade based on the hardware version of the device.
    • Devices with hardware v1.1.0 or higher cannot downgrade firmware to versions lower than v1.9.2.
    • The hardware version can be checked in the Device Info menu of the device or in the DEVICE menu of BioStar 2.

Device ModelCoreStationFirmware Versionv1.7.1 (Download)
Revision NoteCoreStation Revision Notes v1.7.1

<New Features and Improvements>

  1. Supports Wireless Door Lock. (Relevant Article - [BioStar 2] Support Wireless Door Lock via OSDP Integration)

  2. Improved synchronization to complete if user enrollment fails when synchronizing multiple users to the device in BioStar 2. 

  3. Improved to select and update only the desired information when updating user information. (Compatible with BioStar v2.9.0 or higher)

  4. Supports new devices.