Have you ever experienced errors during firmware upgrades using Suprema G-SDK? This guide explains how to resolve common firmware upgrade issues.


Case 1) The firmware upgrade was not completed successfully.

Case 2) During firmware upgrades, handshake errors can also occur from the gateway.


Solution 1) This can occur when reading an incorrect firmware file.

Please verify that the file name matches the model you are upgrading to and ensure the firmware file is not corrupted.

Solution 2) The firmware file size might cause issues due to exceeding the RPC Server's "max_recv_size." 
You can find information about gRPC packet size in the Suprema G-SDK document.

If you are to use the UpgradeFirmware API, it should be larger than the firmware file size.

How to modify the device gateway configuration?
-> Move to the directory where the device gateway is installed and open the config.json file.