Suprema insists their own fingerprint algorithm is one of the most security one in the world. 

Suprema devices use unique algorithms to lower the FA probability as the number of templates increases.  

If you have 500 fingerprints(1,000 templates) and 1:N security level is high, it means that FA happens once the total matching count 100,000,000. 

So how many FA can happen in real life?

Let's take an example in real numbers.

- User: 120 (Fingerprint registered 1 per person)

- Number of authentications per day: Assuming 80 people authenticate 3 times a day. 

- 1:N Security level : Highest

So, FA probability can be 1/100,000,000

The total number of matching times per day is as follows.

Total matching count = number of templates * number of authentication

120 * 2 * 80 * 3 = 57,600

Total matching count 57,600/day can be 100,000,000 in 1,736 days.

Thus, FA can occur once every 1,736 days - 4 years and 8 months