Event viewer is a Windows tool that records errors that was captured on the OS side. 

Follow the instructions below to export the event viewer logs.  

1. Open the Windows Start menu 

2. Type Event Viewer and press enter.

3. Click on Create Custom View on the Actions panel

4. On the Logged: section choose the date that includes the date your BioStar issue occured. 

5. On Event level: choose critical, warning, and error 

6. On By Log select all the Windows Logs and Applications and Services Logs.  

7. Press OK. 

8. Select a name and press OK when a popup appears. 

9. Right click on your new view. 

10. Select Save All Events in Custom View As... and save the file in evtx. format 

11. When the display information popup appears, click Display information for these languages: English and press OK.

11. Send us the exported .evtx file if it was requested.