Before escalating your issue to technical support team, please check if you took the basic troubleshooting steps as shown below so we may expedite the troubleshooting process. 

1. Is the BioStar 2 Service running?

    a. Check that all your services are running fine on BioStar Setting

    b. Try restarting the service in BioStar Setting to see that helps your issue. 

2. Was Java uninstalled or updated recently?

Refer to the article below to change the configuration accordingly. 

[BioStar 2] BioStar Service Doesn't Start After Java Upgrade / Uninstall

3. [If its a device related issue] Have you checked the device connectivity and connection mode? 

    a. Check the connection mode and ping status as shown below: 

        [BioStar 2] Connection Modes and Troubleshooting Connection

    b. Check the device LED status as shown below: 

        [Both BioStar] Meaning of Device LED Color

4. Are there no connection issues between the database and server? 

    a. Confirm that you can successfully connect to the database in BioStar Setting with the Test Connection feature after stopping the BioStar service.         

    b. Connect to the database with a database client tool and see that the tables are correctly populated.
        If there are no tables in the database, it means the install did not go through properly because of incorrect database connection. 

        For Maria DB refer to the following article: [BioStar 2] MariaDB Access and Account Configuration
        For MS SQL, use MS SQL Management Studio.             

5. Have you checked the port usage?
      Are other services using BioStar 2's reserved ports? Check the ports below: 

        [BioStar 2] Server and Device Port Usage

        Refer to the guide below to check port usage. 

        [General] Checking Port Usage in Windows

6. Were there any errors in the BioStar 2 server upgrade or install?

    a. Does the server PC meet the minimum requirements?
        [BioStar 2] System Requirements / Supported Operating System

    b. Did you try installing again? Check your database admin credentials first if you're using a custom installation. 

7. Did the hard drive become full at one point or was the server shut down abruptly? 

      If you allocated a small hard drive for BioStar and the database became full. It would corrupt the database.
      If the server was shutdown abnormally, it may corrupt the database as well.
        [BioStar 2] Service Issue After a Forced Shutdown (Database Corruption / Service Error)

8. Are there errors in the configuration file? 

     Check if the configuration files are corrupt. Refer to the article below:  

        [BioStar 2] Service Error (Configuration file corruption)

9. Are there any noticeable issues that happened with the Server PC when you check the event viewer?

    Refer to the article below to filter you event viewer logs
        [General] Exporting Event Viewer Logs

    * search for hard drive issues, forced shutdown issues etc. 

10. Have you checked if your issue is a known issue that has been fixed and announced through our Helpdesk portal?
    Search our Solutions and Forums regarding known issues and hotfixes


    You can also sign up to receive automatic updates: Follow our Announcements (Forums) for Updates

11. If you have checked all the items above but still are facing issues with your server, please fill in the information below and contact us. 

        [BioStar 2] Requesting Troubleshooting Support for BioStar 2 Service Issues