Suprema Webinar_01 : All about CoreStation

CoreStation is Suprema’s Intelligent Biometric Controller. It’s 4 door access controller. It matches all types of credentials such as Card, Biometrics and Mobile credential.  It is compatible with all standard readers.  Because of easy scalability of the system, it’s suitable for SMB to Enterprise system. It is also easy to setup and configure through Webserver and application. 

For more details about the webinar, please refer the below description, and download the attached presentation file.


What we covered in this webinar:

Knowing CoreStation and selling points

Learning how to make Centralized System with CoreStation


When the webinar opened:

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2020

Time: 9.00 a.m. GMT (+1)



Dwayne Neufville, UK & Ireland Technical Team Lead Manager at Suprema

Top 7 - Q&A List

Q.1) Does CoreStation support 4 doors only?

CoreStation has built-in 4 relays which is to control 4 doors, but adding DM-20 or SIO2 which adds more relays to the solution, allows more doors under one CoreStation to be controlled, more details will come in the presentation. By RS485, 64 slaves can connect to CS-40. By Wiegand, 132 slaves can connect to CS-40.

Q.2)  Does CoreStation “4 door control” or “132 door control”?

CoreStation contains 4 relays within itself to control door relays, this can be added upon using the RS485 connections with the DM2 and SIO2.

Q.3) If FS2 is connected with CoreStation via RS485, Is that meaning CS-40 will do face matching as well?

It's not possible to current CoreStation FW, but we are going to support that by 2020 2Q. 

Q.4) Can we use HID multiclass Keypad reader with core station?

You can connect it, but CoreStation doesn’t support BCD(Binary-coded decimal) method like HID Keypad reader. We should do a customization for now. It’s because CoreStation doesn’t support the single key output from Wiegand signal. We will make new feature for support HID multiclass Keypad reader in the future.

 Q.5) CS40 breakdown, all slave still can function?

currently, all slaves cannot function. but we are considering to have FC code mode for DM-20

Q.6) We do not use the BioStar sw, but the BioStar SDK. Will you be speaking about it and how the CS is supported in the SDK?

You can use BioStar2 Device SDK. There are APIs of BioStar2 SDK. We are not going to have the part today, but you might be available to attend our webinar to next time for SDK integration. We are planning to make the webinar at the end of this month.

For SDK document, refer to the link.

Q.7) Do we have an option to use the third party reader?

Yes. 3rd party reader can connect to CS-40 by Wiegand.

Would you like to know more questions & answers during the webinar? Please find the attached the major QA list.


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