Affect Products & Versions

X-Station 2 v1.0.1_20210329 or above

BioStar v2.8.11 or above

From BioStar 2.8.11, QR/Bardcode is available to use as BioStar 2 User credential. 

X-Station 2 QR models(XS2-QDPB and XS2-QAPB) can read the QR or Barcode and authenticate the user information.  By sending an email to users, the users can download QR code on mobile or PC.

A user can have BioStar 2 QR code or third-party QR code/barcode data as a user credential.

This document is for how to issue BioStar 2 QR.  
BioStar 2 QR is only available to use with X-Station 2 QR products.

For more details about X-Station 2, please visit [BioStar 2] New Product Introduction: X-Station 2.

How to issue BioStar 2 QR

You can generate QR code in BioStar 2 system and use it as a user credential as follows.

  • Step 1: Set Email Setting in BioStar 2  and enable [QR] option to send the QR code to user emails
  • Step 2: Add X-Station 2 QR device to BioStar 2
  • Step 3: Go to USER menu and add a new user, update BioStar 2QR with user email
  • Step 4: Confirm the email, download the attached QR in the email, or print out the QR

Step 1: Set Email Setting in BioStar 2  and enable [QR] option to send the QR code to user emails

  • Direction:

Settings>EMAIL SETTING>Email Contents Setting

- Email Contents Setting is for Visual Face Enrollment and QR Enrollment only.

  • Click [SMTP Setting].

  • Refer to the SMTP Setting using in the company and update the information correctly.

- Please check Security Type and update the port in accordance with the security type.

- User name and Password must be matched.

  • Enable the QR option as follows. and fill in the other contents.

Step 2: Add X-Station 2 QR device to BioStar 2

  • XS2-QDPB and XS2-QAPB are available to scan QR or Barcode. Please check the product name and add the device to BioStar 2.8.11 or above. 

Step 3: Go to USER menu and add QR

  • To generate the BioStar 2 QR code, go to USER.
  • Add a new user and add the Email.
  • Click [QR/Barcode] in Credential
  • Select BioStar 2 QR and click [Enroll]
    • You can select Input Type as random card ID or manual ID input
  • Click [Apply] to save the user data. 
    • At this time, the user receives the email from BioStar 2 and BioStar 2 synchronizes the user data to the connected devices.
  • Check the success message.

Step 4: Check the email box. Download the attached QR in the email content, or print the QR from the downloaded QR

  • Users can confirm the email on a mobile or a PC.
  • The attached QR image file or, use the QR in the email content are available to use.

For BioStar 2 QR, the device Operation mode is same as Card Authentication mode.

If the user does not have the QR email, you can click [Resend] to send the email again.