You can change the device's name of the T&A event or configure the device's T&A Mode. 

Creating custom T&A Event Keys

  1. Go to Device > Select a Device > Advanced > T&A
  2. Edit the necessary fields

1T&A Mode

You can configure the T&A event settings.

  • Not Use: The user cannot record T&A events.
  • By User: The user can manually select a T&A event before the authentication.
  • By Schedule: T&A event automatically changes according to the pre-defined schedule. You can select the schedule under the T&A Event option.
  • Last Choice: The T&A event that the last user has selected remains unchanged until you change the T&A event manually.
  • Fixed: The user can use the fixed T&A event only. Configure the T&A Mode to Fixed and select the event you want to use as fixed.

2T&A Required

The user will be forced to select a T&A event during the authentication process. The T&A Mode option must be set to By User in order to use the Require T&A option.

3T&A Event

You can set the name of T&A events or you can add schedules which will be used when you set the T&A Mode as By Schedule.

  • T&A Key: Lists the keys that you can use for T&A event selection. Choose one of the function keys that you want to edit.
  • Label: You can change the name of the T&A event for the T&A key.
  • Schedule: You can set a schedule for the By Schedule. The T&A mode must be set to By Schedule in order to enable this option. For more Information on configuring new schedules, see Schedules.

1. Maximum T&A Event Keys is 16.
2. For a device with no LCD screen, T&A Mode can be set to Fixed or By Schedule. You can register a fixed T&A event or a T&A event that changes according to the schedule. Supported devices are BioEntry P2, BioEntry W2, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, Xpass S2, Xpass D2, and Xpass2.