Dear Valued Partners, 

BioStar 2.9.5 is now available on our website. [Download]

Please review and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2. 

New Features and Improvements

1. Added New Dashboard feature 
▶ For more information: [BioStar 2] Understanding the Flexibility of the New Dashboard of BioStar 2 

2. Added Quick Action feature.

▶ For more information: [BioStar 2] Added Quick Action Feature 

3. Added Timed Anti PassBack feature in the Door menu.

▶ For more information:  [BioStar 2] Introduction of New Feature "Timed Anti Passback" 

4. Supports user profile photo and visual face enrollment using a webcam.

▶ For more information: [BioStar 2] Introduction of New Feature "Enroll Profile Photo & Visual Face Using a Webcam" 

5. Improved User menu.

▶ For more information: [BioStar 2] Introduction of Improved USER Menu 

  • Displayable column types are added on the User menu screen.
  • Period (Start Date/Time, End Date/time), Operator Level, Login ID, User IP, PIN, QR/Barcode, 
    Mobile Access Card
  • Added Advanced Search feature.
    ID, Name, Email, Department, Title, Telephone, Group, Access Group, Status, Operator Level, Card, Custom User Field

6. Improved Trigger & Action menu.

▶ For more information: [BioStar 2] Improved Trigger & Action menu 

  • Supports door relay operation settings.
  • Added new event [Input detected on] on the Triggering event side of the menu.
  • Added notification email-sending function based on action.
  • Added Action List where multiple actions can be set as one.

7. Improvements have been made to set Suprema Smart Card from Batch Edit.

Log in to BioStar 2 Version 2.9.5 or above → Device → Select (check) more than one device → Batch Edit 

8. Added CSV Field to prevent already issued Template on Mobile from being deleted when overwritten by CSV 


  • ToM AoC, ToM SCC

9. Changed CoreStation’s wireless antenna module and wireless door lock connection specification

  • Wireless antenna modules that can be connected to one CoreStation: 1 → 2
  • Wireless door locks that can be connected to one wireless antenna module: 8 → 6
  • Maximum connectable wireless door lock: 8 → 12

10. Improved certificate errors due to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser updates

Starting from BioStar 2 Version 2.9.5, you can find [Feature Guide] inside of the help section of BioStar 2 software

Bug Fixes

1.Report menu is unavailable when using a separate domain and private certificate. (Affects version: v2.9.3)

2. Report menu is unavailable when installed on an Azure database. (Affects version: v2.9.3)

The characters printed are unnoticeable when printing Unicode characters on cards using a Card Printer3. When printing Unicode characters on cards using a Card Printer.

(Affects version: v2.9.3)

4. The operation fails if it takes more than 1 minute when using Unified Gateway. (Affects version: v2.9.3)

5. In an environment where multiple OM-120s are connected to the master device and the device is synchronized using 

the Automatic User Synchronization - Specific Devices mode and then authenticated the relay malfunctions. 

(Affects version: v2.7.14