Dear Valued Partners,

We are pleased to inform FaceStation 2 v1.4 FW revision.

Please visit Suprema website and download the most recent FaceStation 2 FW.

If you are using Suprema Thermal Camera with v1.3.2 beta FW, we highly recommend upgrading the FW to the official FW.

For the detailed features, please find the below list.

Released : Oct-14-2020

Build info: 1.4.0_20200918

New Features and Improvements

1. Enhancement in the security of the device. 

- Restrict unencrypted connections.

- Enhancement in security of encryption keys.

- Encrypt and migrate user information.

2. Improved the face recognition algorithm for users with glasses.

3. Supports a new face template.

* If the firmware of the face recognition device connected as a slave is the latest version (FaceStation 2: 1.4.0 or later, FaceLite: 1.2.0), authentication may fail because it is not compatible with the existing template. Please upgrade the RS485 master device FW (FaceStation 2 or FaceLite) to v1.4.0 or high version.

4. Increased maximum number of users (1:N).

- Before: 3,000

- After: 4,000

5. Improved Anti-pass back zone to operate based on the door status. [BioStar 2] APB zone based on the door status(Door sensor)

6.  Improved the scheduled unlock zone function for each floor when controlling elevator.[BioStar 2] Improved the Scheduled Unlock Zone Function to Support Elevator

7. Supports Face server matching. (BioStar 2 AC license is required.)

8. Supports the Mobile Access V1.1. [BioStar 2] How to Use Suprema Mobile Access

9. Supports the Suprema thermal camera. [Click here]   [BioStar 2] How To Use Suprema Thermal Camera - FaceStation 2

10. Supports the Screen Saver.

11. Supports new device. - XPass D2 (Rev 2) [[BioStar 2] Upgraded Hardware Introduction : XPass D2 (Rev 2)]

Main Fixes

1.1. When all or user data were exported to a USB and then the user data were imported again after upgrading the device firmware, the event log was deleted.

1.2. Logs generated while the device is disconnected are not sent to BioStar 2, even after the device is reconnected.

For a more detailed revision note, please visit Suprema website.