BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control, time & attendance management, including various user credential types such as RF Card, Mobile Card, QR data, Fingerprint, and Face.

We will go through the basic features of BioStar 2.

1) What is Access Control?
2) BioStar 2 System Introduction
3) BioStar 2 Installation and main functions with the helpful technical articles
4) BioStar 2 User Menu & Device Menu
5) How To Configure Access Group in BioStar 2 

This webinar targets recently joined Suprema Authorized Partners and distributors.

Recommended Level / Recommend Attendee
Beginner Technical Sales of Suprema products, Beginner Technical Engineers of Suprema products

Jake Kim | Technical Consulting Engineer I Suprema 

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Q&A List

1. How do I get the web interface of BioStar 2? 

Firstly, you need to get the installation package of BioStar 2 as the latest version in the below our web-site. ( After downloading and installing it, you can access to BioStar 2 via web-browser such as Chrome. 


2. Can I use the combination of a total of three credentials such as "fingerprint + face + card"? 

Yes, you can even set the combination of three types of credentials such as “Card + Face + Fingerprint” or “Card + Face + PIN” depending on the types of supported credentials in your device. However, please note that it can’t apply to the following sequence “Fingerprint>Face>Card” as you mentioned.

3. Is registering a Visual Face with the CSV using base64 format in the CSV? 

No, it does not use Base64 format in the CSV. Instead of using it, the basic concept is as the following.  

1) Gather all the image files to be registered as Visual Face to one folder.  

2) Open the CSV file exported from BioStar 2 and then, type the name of image files in the column of applied users.  
3) After that, import the updated CSV file in your BioStar 2.  

For more details, please refer to the below article.

4. How can we add 3rd party QR reader in BioStar 2? 

If the 3rd part QR reader supports Wiegand, then you can add the 3rd party QR reader in BioStar 2only when adding the device on Suprema’s device by following the below procedure. 


Step1. Add Suprema’s device in BioStar 2. 
Step2. Connect Suprema’s device with the 3rd party QR reader physically. 
Step3. Right-click on added Suprema’s device and select “Add Wiegand Device” 
Step4. Then, set the details for using the reader after selecting the added 3rd party QR reader. 

For more details, please refer to the below article. 


5. When registering a QR for the user, both BioStar 2 QR option and QR/Barcode (3rd party QR) have the option to send the QR to the user's email or only Biostar2 QR can be sent via user’s email? 

You can only send BioStar 2 QR to the user’s email registered in BioStar 2 if you have SMTP setting set up.

Note that

Please refer to the below article for more details on SMTP.[]=smtp 

However, since BioStar 2 will not have the structure for generating the 3rd  party QR within the system, you can’t send the 3rd party QR to the user’s email registered in BioStar 2 but you can only register the 3rd party QR in BioStar 2.


6. What is Intelligent slave? 

It is a function that enables many user’s 1:1 or 1:N matching by transmitting the authentication result to OSDP card data when authentication using biometrics is performed in an environment in which the Suprema biometric device and a third-party controller are connected.
For more details, please follow the below article[]=intelligent&s[]=slave 


7. How can I migrate user’s data from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2? 

There are 2 ways to migrate the user’s data from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2. 

First option is a using NEW DB Migration Tool. But please note that it is critically important always firstly to have backup DB for applying this method.  

Second option is a using 2nd generation device including all user’s data connected with v.1.9.3. After connecting the device with BioStar 2, upload all data from the device to BioStar 2. It will be easier way to migrate the data from BioStar 1 to BioStar 2. 

For more information, please refer to the below article.


8. Can we add the device in BioStar 2 only by using S/N?  

Yes, you can add Suprema’s device by selecting applied S/N in the searched device list in BioStar 2 if the device is connected with BioStar 2 via TCP/IP. However, if the device is connected with BioStar 2 other methods such as RS485, you can’t add the device in BioStar 2 by using the S/N. 

Please follow the below article for more information 

9. Can be the one user included in the two user groups simultaneously? 

No, you can’t. One user can be included in one user group only. 

10. When trying to re-connect the device with BioStar 2 (via RS485) after disconnection with BioStar 2 physically, is there any extra authentication to reconnect the device in BioStar 2 again?  

No, there is no extra authentication in that situation. To be exact, RS485 is used to connect the Suprema devices to each other (called Master device and Slave device). So if you try to reconnect the one Suprema device with another Suprema device again, you can add the slave device on master device without extra authentication by searching slave device and selecting the slave device in BioStar 2. 

For more details, please refer to the below article.[]=master&s[]=slave 


11. Can BioStar 2 be cloud-based? 

Technically, BioStar 2 is On-Premises type. Most of the cases, users install BioStar 2 to a local server machine. However, use can install BioStar 2 to AWS Cloud or MS Azure as long as the sever specification meet. 

So we have the example when installing BioStar 2 in AWS. So you can install the server of BioStar 2 on AWS and use it. 

For more details, please follow the guide; 



12. Is it possible to use the function of Time Attendance only applying the license for Access Control in BioStar 2? 

Yes, but it is limited use. You can manage the 100 users in free of charge without the specific license for Time Attendance. For more details of license, please visit to the below our website and then refer to the part “License”. 


13. When will Visual Face be made available via Server Matching? 

Sorry but we don’t have any plan on the above function yet for now.