In this month's Connect webinar, we review the features of the recently updated BioStar 2 (v2.9.1 & 2.9.2).

This webinar offers a closer look at the following: 

BioStar 2 Version 2.9.1 and Version 2.9.2

  • Supports 3rd party OSDP reader connection
  • Supports device license to be activated to be used for specific features on devices
  • Improved Face Detection Setting
  • Added a new login page (Changes in BioStar 2 UI)
  • Improved security of login password vulnerabilities for brute-force attacks


BioStar2 New Features: Phit Ahn | Technical Consulting Engineer, Suprema

Recommended Level / Recommend Attendee  

Intermediate Technical Sales of Suprema products, Intermediate Technical Engineers of Suprema products  

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Q&A List 

Q1. Can biometric values (fingerprints) be sent via OSDP protocol? 

> Yes, card numbers get sent via OSDP and biometric values such as fingerprints. OSDP has the biometric command for fingerprint ANSI Format. How to use BER2 with 3rd party ACU by RS485(OSDP)

For today's webinar, the feature introduction with CoreStation, we focus on the RF feature with the 3rd party OSDP card reader. You can have a Card or Card+PIN in accordance with the operation mode.

Q2. If I have an OSDP reader version 2.2 for the reader, but the master (host) has OSDP version 2.0, will this case work? 

> The essential feature of OSDP might be compatible. If you contact us via with more detailed information, such as your 3rd party reader information, etc., we will review it and get back to you accordingly. Thank you.

Q3. Is the support for 3rd party OSDP only available with CoreStation (CS-40)? 

> Currently, only CS-40 supports 3rd party OSDP readers. If you have any concerns about other devices, please contact our Sales representative for further feature improvements on other models. They will gather your voice and try to improve our products.

If you are not sure about the Sales representative's info, please use the website linked below:

Contact Suprema Sales Here

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Q4. Can we use one RS-485 port for the Suprema device and 3rd party reader? 

>No, you may use one RS-485 port in Corestation for 3rd party reader and another RS-485 port in the same Corestation for the Suprema device. However, you can not use the same RS-485 port for 3rd party reader and Suprema device at the same time. 

Q5. What happens to my Camera QR license when changing the motherboard? 

> The existing license will be kept. In the case of the Camera QR License, you can request the QR license to replace the mainboard. You can discuss the repair policy with the repair and sales teams.

Q6. If I am using BioStar 2 Version 2.9.0, will I require to request for update/ upgraded license from Suprema? 

> You do not need to request a license to upgrade BioStar 2 software version.

However, suppose you want to use device's camera QR feature offered in X-Station 2 or BioStation 3. In that case,  you need to contact the place you purchased Suprema products (or Suprema Sales team if you are one of our certified partners).

Q7. Can I use BioStation 3 via OSDP with CoreStation (CS-40)? 

> BioStation 3 has the OSDP Command. However, BioStation 3 cannot be set as the salve device via RS485 with CoreStation.     CoreStation does not support BioStation 3 as an RS485 Slave device.

Q8. Can I upgrade straight (directly) from BioStar 2 Version 2.9.0 or Version 2.7.12 to the latest BioStar 2 Version 2.9.2? 

> Yes, you can upgrade to v.2.9.2 directly. If you face some problems, please open a ticket in our support portal for the issue.
For detailed guidelines for upgrading BioStar 2 Versions, please follow this article Upgrading BioStar 2 Version 

Q9. Could you please share a visual image of the head pose angle?

Q10. After applying for the Camer QR License, will all QR be read as Card UID? 

> The camera QR licenses applied devices will act as it was set before. Not all QR code will be read as Card UID, but you will have the option to use QR Code as Card ID.
For more information, please read this article: Use QR as Card ID option.

Q11. When will BioStar 2 offer printing physical cards via BioStar 2 Software?

> This feature will be released in BioStar 2 Version 2.9.3. Please follow up by searching BioStar 2 New Features announcement for Version 2.9.3.

Q12. Is there a way for me to differentiate BioStar 2 Software? I have one set up for testing and one for running cases. 

> We do not offer the feature for the customization field in BioStar 2 software UI design for differentiation.

Q13. Will I have to purchase a camera QR license if I want to implement QR reading for visitor management? 

> Correct. To use QR license, you need to purchase the QR license per device. Please contact our partner or the place you have purchased.

Q14. How can I upgrade from BioStar 2 Version 2.8.0 to the latest version 2.9.2? 

> Please follow our article. You may upgrade straight (directly) to version 2.9.2, or to be extra cautious, we recommend our client first upgrade to the latest version of each version level as in if you are currently using Version 2.8.0, the latest version for 2.8.X is version 2.8.16 so go from 2.8.0 → 2.8.16 then to version 2.9.2. 

More example would be if you are using BioStar 2 version 2.7.1 then you will go to 2.7.1 → 2.7.14 → 2.9.2 

[BioStar 2] How to Upgrade BioStar 2 Server

Q15. I have BLR-OC device. Should I be using BioStar 1 or BioStar 2? 

> It is based on the firmware version of the BLR-OC device. If it is starting from v1.x.x, then, you can use 1.9. If it is starting from 2.x.x, you can use BioStar 2. Please contact our local distributor or Thank you

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