Dear Valued Partners,

The BioStar 2 v2.7.10 is now released on our website. (download)

As the BoiStar v2.7.9 release schedule postponed before, Suprema decided to release v2.7.10 which also includes the features in the v2.7.9.

Also, there are two major changes in the latest BioStar 2, v2,7.10, so please review our updates below and check out the latest BioStar 2 version for your further usage.

1.  New Device Supports

We are glad to introduce you to good news for the customers who waited for our new products.

From BioStar v2.7.10, two brand new devices are supported for connecting.

If you have any inquiries about the device details, please check the linked device specification page from Suprema official website.

2. New BioStar 2 API Swagger Support

Suprema has been upgraded our BioStar 2 API swagger from BioStar v2.7.10.

Unlike the former BioStar 2 API swagger, you just need to insert 'https://(BioStar2 IP):(HTTPS Port)/swagger/index.html' and click 'Enter' to access the new API swagger.

For the user guide and description, Suprema released an article through the Tech Support site. (New API in BioStar 2.7.10)


  • If you used BioStar 2 Local API before, then you can keep using the former swagger.
    (The last Local API installer version is v2.6.3)
  • You do not need to install any software for using the new BioStar 2 API swagger.

New Features and Improvements

  1. Support for connecting new devices.
  2. Support to the USB fingerprint scanner in VISITOR menu.
    • Supported devices: BioMini Plus, BioMini Plus 2
  3. Added the BioStar 2 Swagger
  4. Improved to control access when a user without administrator permissions attempts to access menus that the user does not have access to.
  5. Improved the Custom Level for T&A management.
    • User can use Time Code, Shift, Schedule Template, Rule and Schedule regardless of permission, and can edit or read according to the permission of Admin Menu Settings.
  6. Add Automatic backup function for Setting.conf file.
    • Automatic backup of Setting.conf file
    • Support to the logs to determine cause if Setting.conf file is corrupted
  7. Improved the resource files not to be deleted when upgrading BioStar 2 version if a user creates and uses language resource files other than that supported by the regular version.
  8. Modified to allow the user to edit 'User ID' in <User Field Mapping> of Active Directory.
  9. Update the resource files of Japanese, Arabic, and Spanish.
  10. Support to allow the custom user field that added in the <SERVER> of Settings to be used in the T&A report.
  11. Supports the sorting for entire data in the T&A report.
  12. Added option to select 'First in & Last Out' or 'All in/Out Punches' to search conditions of the individual report.
  13. Changes the Java version.
    • Before: 1.8.0_212
    • After: 1.8.0_221

Bug Fix

  1. The titles of the list for USER, DEVICE, DOOR and ELEVATOR menus are displayed in English even if it is set as a language other than English.
  2.  When setting up a language other than Korean or English, the 'All Users' and 'Different Users' options do not appear due to misalignment of options on the page if the string is long. 
  3. The fingerprint search function does not work properly for application to visit the Terms and Conditions.
  4. In the TIME ATTENDANCE menu, only 1,000 schedules are visible.
    • Modified to display up to 20,000 items.
  5. BioStar 2 and Suprema 2nd generation devices support Wiegand card format up to 256 bits, but only up to 32 digits when inputting card data values manually.
    • Modified to support up to 78 digits when inputting card data.
  6. User cannot access TIME ATTENDANCE menu when connecting to BioStar 2 with a domain name.
  7. When upgrading the version, the upgraded version is not applied in the system config item of AC, TA and Video database.
  8. Restricted special characters can be input in usernames.
  9. Visitors who have already agreed to the visit terms and conditions on the Visit Application Page are asked to agree again at check-in in the VISITOR menu.
  10. The event name is output in English when exporting the event logs to CSV file if the language is set to a newly supported language (Spanish, Arabic).
  11. Modified to allow addition of up to 32 events when setting up the image log.
  12. If BioStar 2 service file is not replaced during the version upgrade, BioStar 2 will not be installed normally.
    • Modified that the service file to replace automatically when restarting the operating system after the BioStar 2 installation is complete.
    • Outputs a pop-up message that prompts users to restart the operating system after the BioStar 2 installation completes.
  13. In version 2.7.7 of BioStar, local APIs could be registered and used even though access control license was not activated.
  14. The ID of Wiegand Reader is displayed differently from the actual ID when checking the door information with [GET] doors in BioStar 2 API.
  15. . If a user sets the Date Format to dd/mm/yyyy, the error popup for the Period item is displayed even though the user set the period normally on the Visitor page.
  16. Some user groups are missing during the migration in BioStar 1.x to BioStar 2.x Migration Tool.
  17. If you upgrade XPass 2 (XP2-GKDPB) from the pop-up message that prompts users to upgrade the firmware at BioStar 2 login, the upgrade fails.