Dear Valued Partners,

BioStar 2 v2.7.14 is now available from our website. (Download)

Please check the below and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2.

New Feature & Improvements

1. Supports for connecting new device

From BioStar v2.7.14, the upgraded hardware of XPass D2 is available to use for Suprema Mobile Access.

2. Enhancement in Mobile Credential usage (Related article)

  • Added feature to send mobile credential certificates directly to connected devices on the BioStar 2. 

3. Supports MS SQL Server 2017

4. Supports Windows Authentication for MS SQL database server connections (Related article)

5. Added option to receive results sorted as desired when retrieving event logs using [POST] /api//events/search from the BioStar 2 New Local API (Related article)

6. Stabilization of 'Specific Devices' Automatic User Synchronization option 

  • Improved synchronization speed.
  • Support to synchronize only devices that belong to the corresponding access level or floor level(Related article)
  • Improved the problem of changes not being applied properly if the user group is changed by drag-and-drop when access groups are set as user groups.

7. Added Floor Control API to BioStar 2 New Local API Swagger (Related article)

8. Allowed additional symbols (-,_) in the user's email account field (Related article)

Bug Fixed

1. Slow loading of BioStar 2 when there are many user groups.

2. A problem where the offline activation for AC, TA, Video and Visitor licenses doesn't work properly in version 2.7.11 and 2.7.12. (Click for the relevant problem)

3. When the license for TA is activated offline, offline activation for other licenses cannot be performed without refreshing or reentering the server menu.

4. In the environment using MS SQL Server database and when two or more <Trigger & Action> of the device were created, setting different actions for the same trigger causes an error.

5. Error occurs when installing BioStar 2 on any path other than the default installation path.

6. User menu cannot be accessed properly by other clients at the same time when a user's face is being registered.

7. If User ID Type is set as alphanumeric, authentication succeeds even with AoC (Access on Card) registered on a blacklist.

8. When the User ID Type is set to alphanumeric, an error occurs if the user ID registered directly on the device contained a space or some symbol (,).

  • When entering the setting page of the device from the BioStar 2, BioStar 2 is abnormally terminated.

9. Problems with user group information not being display normally on the Schedule setting screen of the TA menu when there are more 1,000 user groups created.

10. Printing of a user list doesn't work properly when there are a large number of registered users.

11. Event logs not transferred to the server when the device gets disconnected from the server and then reconnected following by a certain condition.

12. Problem where the device is not displayed in the list if the user doesn't click the refresh button after changing the port of the USB Device Agent.

13. When upgrading the version of BioStar 2, db-converter error log occurs.

14. Punch log manually entered by the administrator does not appear in the individual report correctly when updated with the 'All In/Out Punches' option selected.

15. When there are a large number of registered users, the print preview screen of the user list shows only some users.

16. An issue where the number of user faces registered on the BioStar 2 server is 3,000 or more, a face cannot be set in the authentication mode even though the number stored on the FaceStation 2 is less than 3,000.

17. A bug where signal setting changes in <Trigger & Action> of a device does not get applied properly.

18. A bug when using the USB fingerprint scanner, the fingerprints cannot be registered in ISO, ANSI378 template formats.

19. Removed unnecessary UI from the setting pages of BioEntry R2 and XPass D2.

20. A bug where the text of each item displays in overlap on the image log screen when the language is set as Russian.

21. A problem where the CSV user import list not being displayed properly.

  • Some characters in user IDs are missing.
  • Some users are missing.

22. Incorrect messages when clicking a cell that does not have the time value in the IN or Out column from the individual report updated with the 'All In/Out Punches' option selected.

23. Incorrect labeling in the individual report updated with the 'All In/Out Punches' option selected. (Click for the relevant problem)

  • 'Meal Start', 'Break Start' incorrectly output to 'In'.
  • 'Meal End', 'Break End' incorrectly output to 'Out'.

24. A bug when the 'First check-in/Last check-out' option is not enabled, events without punch type does not appear in the individual report when updated with the 'All In/Out Punches' option selected.